Interested in placing funds available for use in private hard money loans? We engage in the origination, underwriting and funding of short term, private or hard money real estate loans. All loans are funded with private investor capital and are secured by residential and commercial properties located in California.

Safe, Reliable And Yielding 8 – 12% Returns
First Deed of Trust private mortgage notes are one of the best kept secrets in the investment market today and offer high yields with safety and security. We will assist with all aspects of trust deed investing which are needed to essentially take on the role of becoming the bank, fronting capital and creating a steady stream of high rate returns and monthly income.

We Only Lend On Properties With Substantial Equity
In every case, when we present a loan opportunity to you there will always be a minimum of 35% equity in the property. Starting our investors out with 35% makes our approach to trust deed investing very conservative and exceptionally appealing to even the most cautious clients.

Advantages Of Investing With California Trust Deeds
– We lend exclusively in California and offer 1st Trust Deeds only
– You can use your IRA’s, Trusts, Pension Plans, Partnerships or Corporations
– All Trust Deeds come with a Title insurance policy
– Notes are semi-liquid and can be sold or traded
– You can choose short or long term notes
– Interest is paid monthly

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